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Welcome to the 1st ever Masihi shayari portal. We wanted to promote Masihi Shayari and we have some Internet knowledge too. So, we've done it! We've created this platform for our new and young, as well as mature poets who write to give glory to our Lord. If you're one, get in touch with us for your work to be made available.

The vision behind this project is to promote Masihi shayari that is scattered all over the place but is difficult to read and enjoy at any single place at the moment. We know that God has blessed many among us with this talent of poetry and He uses them to spread His Gospel to the world through the medium of poetry. Our aim is to combine and share this talent and preach the Gospel Thankfully with the help of technology it's now possible for the world to read, enjoy and share blessings right from their computer screen from anywhere in the world.

Join us is always looking for poets in order to encourage them to write more for the glory of our Lord Jesus, as well as offering them worldwide publicity. If you write Christian poetry and have a desire for your work to be made available to the global readers through this website, please contact us.

Getting in touch is easy, simply fill out the (form name) form on this website or email us: (email picture)

FREE is a completely FREE portal that offers to host your shayari. There is NO cost implication plan for future, which means it is FREE and will remain FREE for our Christian poets to share their work through this website. is part of the KalameKhuda Group.

This means, MasihiShayari is managed by the same group who's working hard to offer various Christian services to our Urdu/Punajbi/Hindi speaking Christians worlwide through the medium of Internet.

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